Enjoy Driving, Explore Albania !

The beautiful beaches in Albania are concentrated along the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea coast. The latter has the most beautiful beaches, and is often called the Albanian Riviera.

With your car you can travel to Albanian seaside which has a considerable length of 360 km, including even the lagoon area which you find within and a lot of small beautiful places along to visit

The seaside has a particular character because it is rich in varieties of sandy beaches, capes, coves, covered bays, lagoons, small gravel beaches, sea caves etc.

Some parts of this seaside are very clean ecologically, which represent in this prospective unexplored areas, very rare in Mediterranean area.

Albanian Alps, part of the Prokletije or Accursed Mountains range in Northern Albania bearing the highest mountain peak. The most beautiful mountainous regions that can be easily visited by tourists are Dajti Mountain, Thethi, Voskopoja, Valbona, Kelmend, Prespa, Lake Koman, Dukat and Shkrel.

Albania offers many places for traveling, the most spectacular landscapes being those of the national parks.
One of the most impressive mountain national parks is the 4,000-hectare (9,900-acre) Tomorr National Park, established south of the Shkumbin river in the Tomorr Range just east of the beautiful museum-city of Berat, and overlooking the city of Polican.

Many of the mos beatiful places can be traveled only with personal car, so renting is inevitable and profitable !

Other important mountain national parks are: Theth (Thethi) National Park in the Shale basin around Theth (2630 hectares) Dajti (Daiti) National Park, 3300 hectares of the mountain overlooking the capital, Tirana and Valbona Valley National Park, in the Valbona Gorge from the gorge entrance through to Rrogam and the surrounding mountains.

Don’t let to yourself to leave unexplored beautiful and unique parts of Albania!

Exploring Albania

Albania is a land to be loved. In this small Mediterranean country, virgin nature and cultural mysteries combine to create a unique sense of place. From the snow-capped mountains in the winter to the fields covered in spring by red poppies, Albania’s landscape is ever-changing with the seasons, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a warm summer beach holiday or a mountain trek in the crisp and cool air of the fall.

In Albania, visitors are welcomed as guests as part of the country’s rich cultural traditions and heritage. The warm hospitality of the Albanians, known worldwide, will make every traveler feel at home in this small wonderful land.

There are many clean and pristine beaches, spectacular mountains, scenic river valleys, and many other natural surprises for visitors.

With our car rental you can see and experience Albania’s pristine seashores of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and discover virgin places where no one has been.

Several of country’s main cities are situated along the pristine seashores of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. An important gateway to the Balkan Peninsula, Albania’s ever-growing road network provides juncture to reach its neighbors in north south, east, and west. Albania is within close proximity to all the major European capitals with short two or three hour flights that are available daily.